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With almost 40 years of experience in the industry, CGI Space is a growing business with exciting projects and prospects across the Navigation, Security, Earth Observation and Satellite Communication domains.

CGI Space is involved in design and development of security systems, end-to-end testing, space data services and applications, and knowledge sharing.

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The CGI Space Academy will monthly present a new and interesting lunch lecture. Register for each topic of your interest or just simply register for all events in the future. You will be receiving a webcast link in the days prior to the session. Below you can find a short summary on the upcoming topics.

22nd of April 2021 – S-TrackS, secure tracking capabilities

Many tracking & tracing activities rely on public satellite navigation signals, such as GPS. These signals are easy to reproduce on Earth, so that a receiver's position can be moved to another location just like that. This is called “spoofing”. Secure Tracking Services (S-TrackS) is CGI's authentication and fraud detection solution for tracking activities. For this, S-TrackS uses Galileo, the European satellite navigation system which contains an extremely reliable and safe signal; the Public Regulated Service (PRS) signal. This secure signal protects against fraud, in contrast to the vulnerable open signals currently used. This is important for example to trace vehicles, people and/or objects. In this lunch lecture, Aram Vroom and Alexandru Lapadat will tell you about this service and provide you with an interesting live demo!

27th of May – Working abroad at Galileo Sites

Working for the European Galileo project often involves travelling towards one of the Galileo sites all over Europe. Jos In’t Veld will share an inside view of the mysterious world of working abroad for the Galileo Project, having worked on various sites throughout Europa as technical consultant for CGI. !

24th of June – Guestlecture by NSO: The new Satellite Data Portal

In this lunch lecture series, we are also inviting other organisations to give a lunch lecture on an interesting Space topic. In this very first guest lecture, it’s our honour to have Kathelijne Beenen from the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) as our guest. She will present the new Satellite Data Portal (Satelliet data portaal) that will go live on the 1st of June.

Date and Time Theme
22-04-21 – 12:00-12:30 S-TrackS, secure tracking capabilities
27-05-21 – 12:00-12:30 Working abroad at Galileo Sites
24-06-21 – 12:00-12:30 Guest Lecture by NSO: The new Satellite Data Portal.

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