Picture of Quido Lakeman

Quido is an ambitious Product Manager and Team Leader with extensive knowledge in the field of (Virtual) Workspace Solutions and Services. Within the CGI organization Quido became successful as a result of his way of innovative thinking and capturing these ideas into commercial opportunities. Through creating these opportunities Quido is also working as a business developer and contributes to lead opportunities for CGI to a positive result.

The primary focus of Quido as End User Computing Services Product Manager is to continuous improve the services, manage the teams to achieve high quality results and focus on trends in the market to offer excellent services to the customer.

Over the years Quido acquired extensive experience in the End User Computing area (Virtual) Workspace)) at several international organizations. This experience and knowledge consists of locally implemented workplace solutions including its management to the deployment of services in the cloud such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services.

Quido is experienced by colleagues as a nice person. He is flexible and decisive. New things are picked up quickly, thereby he thinks about the alternatives and does not hesitate to take initiative and responsibility to create opportunities. Quido has a professional appearance, he communicates easily, both in his speech and in writing. He knows his role thanks to his good leadership skills and keeps always a strong focus on the goal to be achieved.