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Raymond Binnendijk

Raymond is a Solution Architect with over 20 years of experience in complex (international) IT projects, working with(in) (scaled) Agile teams. An expert in conceptualization, shaping and designing solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders. Making IT services future-proof by adding structure, managing complexity and controlling technical debt (and breadth).

During his career Raymond learned that IT is rapidly getting more and more important but also complex, dynamic and expensive. It is getting harder and harder to get right in one go. The architect can address this by approaching architecture as a continual process of identifying concerns and making design decisions (just enough architecture, just in time). Making design decisions, not just to make the solution Agile, but truly evolutionary over a long period of time. Within Raymond's approach architecture is more than just high-level design. The way of working and governance within the development organisation is also taking into account and integrated into the solution.

Topics; Digital Transformation via: Microservices Architecture, SOA, DevOps, Software Development Practices, (Scaled) Agile / SCRUM, Team leader, Cyber-Security, IoT, Blockchain, Data Science.

Van deze auteur

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